ASSIST! Final Presentation

ASSIST! is an app that helps Roller Derby Girls manage fundraisers and continually find new inspiration for future events.

Project Reflection:

While I may have taken on a lot more than I could actually polish in the end, I'm glad I did it. What I've learned between my experience with Propaganda 3 and Information Architecture is that design is about shaping an engaging experience that is also functional. One of the most important skills I've learned from Cam at P3 is that a large part of shaping an interactive experience is considering the transitional elements. I strongly believe this class has been constantly challenging us to push the boundaries on what already exists in regards to form, function, and presentation. I made the decision to animate what may appear as minute details because I felt these elements are just as important contributors to the functionality as to the overarching storyline. While everything essentially contributes to each other, another important detail I wanted to focus on was creating an app that didn't feel so app-like. Many of the apps that kept me engaged in my research were the ones that offered unique interfaces or a variety of visuals. I wanted to create an interface that would not only be functional but offer small pay-offs in interacting with it.

This class an been a challenging experience, but it has been my favorite thus far. I absolutely love interactive design.

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