Union Station: Interactive Timeline Final

For project two I was partnered with Jessie Ren to develop an interactive timeline for a hypothetical 100 year exhibition of Union Station. Every group was given a different decade to showcase specific content, Jessie and I had 80's. During the initial stages of the project we quickly learned that for most of the 80's Union Station was shut down, which was an immediate obstacle to resolve. After much consideration we took George Guastello's statement to heart that Union Station is the people's house, it is a reflection of the people and the times. The 80's were characterized for the technological revolution, the "Me, Me, Me, Generation", and binge buying. We felt that because American culture became high on the technological hype and mostly about the individual rather than community it only made sense for Union Station to be in such disarray. In our timeline we decided to represent both national events with local events to represent a correlation between the two.

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