Modes of Appeal: 3 Concept Directions

From the previous step, we moved forwards with 3 directions that we felt had both formal and conceptual possibilities. Below are briefs on my chosen directions...

Product: TERRO Liquid Ant Bait
Mode: Logos to Pathos
Concept: Get them before they get you

In developing the TERRO Liquid Ant Baits I decided to move the mode of appeal from logos to pathos so I focused on creating a sense of fear or animosity towards ant invasions through ant patterning. While the direction clearly communicates, in general, it is a very expected approach.

Product: Wilson Extra Duty Tennis Balls
Mode: Ethos to Logos
Concept: Know your duty

The one aspect of products with multiple options that I enjoy is when they clearly indicate or represent that information on the whole series. The ability to compare products within a brand helps consumers make a confident and educated decision. The issue I had with the sketches below is that it failed to clearly communicate the various types of courts and the best ball for them.

Product: Rapala Fishing Line
Mode: Pathos to Logos
Concept: The history of the fishing line

This product focuses on the representation of the history of the fishing line. The main issue I had during critique was whether that information enhanced the product any. It was suggested that I show the history of the company instead and change the mode to ethos.

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