Modes of Appeal: Packaging Audit

For project two we're asked to re-design an existing product package, through an alternative mode of appeal: pathos, logos or ethos (click here for details). The objectives include visually and verbally communicating a mode of appeal to communicate the product value, messaging hierarchy, legibility and engagement on 3-dimensions. This beginning phase of the product focuses on gathering potential products to re-design while considering the existing brand and structure. Below you'll find my preliminary research describing the details of these objects.

Brand: Wilson
Product Name: Championship
Target Audience: Tennis players & enthusiast
Mode of Appeal: Ethos - The packaging relies on celebrity promotion, and brand authority
Interaction & Analysis: 

Within the environment, this package sat on the bottom shelf and due to the translucency of the packaging I immediately could see that they were tennis balls. The bright red of the lid was the first part of the package I could see from my perspective of standing. In order to see the row of tennis ball products clearly, I had to bend down. The Wilson package was visually more dominant and overshadowed the Penn and Dunlop products because of the strong red and yellow color combination. As I picked the product up, the image of the tennis player sparked my curiosity and acted as my point of entry. After seeing the photograph, I immediately turn the product right towards the filled solid area due to the directionality of the overlapping Wilson logo. Speaking of the Wilson logo, it is very prominent and familiar logo that is capable of working in different areas. While the imagery and colors definitely communicate tennis, the jarring colors somewhat dates the product in comparison to it's competitors. In regards to the structure of the package, it was not unique in comparison to other brands and through my surveys, the shape seems to remind many people of plastic bottles.

Brand: Rapala
Product Name: Extra Durable Line
Target Audience: Fishing enthusiasts
Mode of Appeal: Pathos - The packaging focuses on the factual details of the line.

Interaction & Analysis: 

This product was the only brand of fishing line on the shelf, but it hung with other fishing product of the same brand such as fishing rods, lures, and hooks. What evoked me to pick up the product was it's shape it's ambiguous imagery. Initially, the product does not clearly communicate the identity and function of the product. In my survey, majority of the people that saw the product were immediately confused and focused more on the secondary "takemefishing.org" advertisement that does not speak to the product or the brand right off the bat. In regards to hierarchy, the red brand name is what I see first, then secondly "New Improved Formula" and "Tough," which both don't help to communicate what the product is became the imagery is unclear.

Brand: TERRO
Product Name: Liquid Ant Baits
Target Audience: Home and property owners
Mode of Appeal: Logos - The packaging focuses on the factual details and instructional diagrams.
Interaction & Analysis: 

This product was located on a shelf with other pest and insect killers such as RAID, TOMCAT, and COMBAT. What made this product stand out was the bright orange color and although it clearly communicates its function clearly through both language and imagery, it isn't appealing. The brand name is prominent in it's isolated location in the corner, which is also hierarchically the most dominant element on the package followed by the large image of the ant then "Liquid Ant Baits". The dominance of these three elements allows for easy shopping. Overall the visual approach of the package gives off a very technical, logical feel that is appropriate for the target audience. Ant infestations are not a laughing matter. In my surveys the orange, blue color combination creates unwanted connotations. The package reminded many people of Bounty dryer sheets, and Auto Zone. In regards to how it holds up alongside other products, it doesn't have a strong visual force.


Brand: Alaskan-Nits
Product Name: Lightweight Crew
Target Audience: Practical female hikers or outdoorsmen
Mode of Appeal: Pathos - The packaging plays off of the nostalgia of the landscape scenery.
Interaction & Analysis: 

In the environment, this product hangs with various sock styles yet within it's own brand. In approaching the product I was first drawn to the sock itself and felt the need to touch the material. After observing and feeling the sock I noticed the landscape imagery on the cardboard hanger as well as the small tag in the middle of the sock. In comparison to the other sock brands, the addition of the photograph distinguished these socks from the others which used simple solid color wraps. The imagery and the structure helps to reinforce the audience and the use of these socks for more recreational purposes. While the product itself is capable of attracting a range of females, the pattern and the colors dates the packaging and makes it less appealing to younger audiences. In regards to the brand logo, it definately has a presence on the product and is capable of translating into different mediums although, in general, it isn't a renown name.

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