Typographic Exercise: A City On a River

Our first exercise in type three involved creating three typographic compositions using the following body of text as well as setting our name:
born in amsterdam—a city that’s steeped in history, yet prides itself on being quite progressive. a place where open mindedness always trumps convention. a city that doesn’tknow the meaning of status quo. a unique spirit indeed.
After reading page 20 of Bringhurst and the given text, I realized that there was this push and pull in each phrase so I initially began to express each phrase as well as its counter. After a few iterations I decided to simplify my compositions by pulling out the words I felt were most important in summarizing the overall text, which was "born in Amsterdam" and "a unique spirit indeed." While in my simplifications I was focusing on subtlety, during critique it was brought up that it wasn't really expressing the concepts as much as they could. There is this difference in simply saying a phrase and expressing it, which I need to be more attentive to.


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