Six Degrees Could Change the World: Final Deliverable

After watching the National Geographic documentary, Six Degrees Could Change the World, my partner Josh Vaughn and I were really moved by the idea that these issues that we are facing with our environment are a result of our own doing. For our project, we wanted to present the viewer with a choice. We decided to show this duality of natural environment and the negative effects of industrialization by highlighting those moments on the globe for a larger big picture effect. We chose to place the imagery in the sea not only to avoid the possibility of a political statement that was brought up in an earlier critique, but also because the oceans are shared spaces for everyone. In photographing the globe we were also careful to hint at the continents without showing too much of one to further avoid that issue. The usage of the sign was one of our means to quickly communicate the concept of choice and to capture the viewer's attention. When opening the dvd package, the viewer is presented with a quote outside of the contents of the dvd by Albert Camus, which reads, "life is the sum of all your choices." We specifically chose to use this quote because we felt that the contents of the dvd didn't although addressing our concept failed to pose the question more directly. The quote also sets causes the viewer to consider the idea of choice as they flip through the juxtaposed images of natural environment and industrialization reaching the disc.

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