iPad Magazine Video Response

After watching the three videos below, I made multiple interactive and experiential observations. Initially in the TIME Magazine video I noticed the complex layering of information and interactive components that enrich the users experience. For instance, you can scroll up and down through the article, swipe left and right through a limitless amount of photos, and also interact with the photo for even more content. However, it makes me wonder how much people will have to learn these gestures or if some things are intuitive. Another observation that makes me think about the first Intro-Active session is how users can now supply content. In both the TIME Magazine and Esquire video, users have the ability to take quizzes and surveys and receive immediate results. Well, depending on what the content is, this data allows for user connectivity because the results are from other people that read the magazine and reinforces a sense of community. Also the ability to leave comments on articles is another way that users can connect and be apart of the content by creating a dialog. Lastly, the translation of pages from not only horizontal to a vertical position, but also from print to digital is another observation I made. What I noticed in WIRED magazine is the ability for users to read in either a horizontal and vertical position. Our designs have to be flexible enough to switch from these ratios, but also still feel cohesive. In the WIRED video they talked about how they worked with the designers of the print magazines to produce a more enriched digital experience. I now wonder how designers can hold the level of interest in a print design for the same magazine when the digital spread allows for a richer experience. I guess that choice is dependent on the reader and which format they prefer. In general, the introduction of digital magazines gives the user more choices and decisions.

These videos were so interesting, overwhelming and exciting at the same time. It's a sign for me that I need to keep myself updated on what's going on in the world of technology and how those changes could possibly effect and influence the future of my design work. This is a direction that I'm very interested in and would definately like to explore more in the future. I know we'll eventually get there in this program, but what small steps can I take to help prepare myself and get myself thinking in that way would be a nice start for now.

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