Information Graphics: Refinements and Further exploration

In this phase we continued to refine and keep pushing our diagrams. In the previous critique Jamie asked that I explore different type treatments for my titles and explore combining a display face with the clean sanserif I had already been using. Overall my diagrams were in a good position so for this round I tried to explore some smaller methods formal changes.

Meeting House Utilities:
I focused on exploring different type treatments and key placements. I won't lie, but some of the typefaces I went through were not pretty.

Tats & Stats:
Overall, I needed to find some way to simplify the entire diagram so in this round I tried to place my data in more of a singular unit column. However this time around, I ran into the issue of crossing lines, legibility and ambiguity from front and back of the model.

Polynesian Rites & Rituals:
Previously, it was difficult to read each hour glass shaped unit so I attempted to resolve the issue with two different approaches. For both, I brought the tips of the triangles closers together then I color coded one diagram and spaced out the width of the other.

Songs of the People:

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