Identity System: Smithsonian Exhibit Round I

I'm really enjoying this project. There are so many possibilities, but so little time. As a refresher, my exhibit focuses on how the European influence and the introduction of tourism effects the authenticity of the Polynesian culture. For this round I wanted to push my work a bit further then the requirements, and while there were a lot of interesting products I could possibly design, majority of it was counter productive to my concept. So instead, I introduced the iPhone app and some of the visual displays of the exhibition layout, which I plan to further explore. In my previous critique with Jamie, we talked about how the bag and t-shirt can act differently from the promotional material of the exhibit so I attempted to use the bag to reinforce my concept. One side of the bag would have a cut out of the icon to represent the tourist culture and the other side would have an image to represent the authentic culture which would be printed on transparency. The two sides can be seen from both sides and create a dialog between each other.

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