Identity System: Titles & Concepts

Direction #1
Possible Title:
The West Moves West

When Westerners move into the Pacific Islands, Polynesian life and culture is forever changed. Whether these influences were negative or beneficial, you be the judge when The West Moves West.

Direction #2
Possible Titles:
Plastic Trees, To Un-Authenticate, Grass Skirts & Tiny Umbrellas, Welcome to Your Destination, ALOHA! from...

When entrepreneurs attempts to "authenticate" an experience for foreigners, the true authenticity of the culture slowly diminishes.

Direction #3
Possible Titles: People of the Triangle: Daily Life
 Step into the triangle and take part in the vibrant and rhythmic energy of Polynesian life.

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  1. #1: Works, but can it be less wordy?

    #2: I'm not sure what this one is about yet. In need of a sub-title or a more informative title?

    #3: good