Typographic Campaign (Part 2) - Final Deliverables

And the project finally comes to an end. If you're just tuning in I'll catch you up, but if you've been following my campaign process then welcome back. For this project we created a campaign for the local television news station KCTP to help inform Kansas City residents as to what design is. In the initial steps of the project we created a kit of parts for our campaign that would give us visual and contextual cohesion, yet capable of translating into various forms of media such as billboards, bus wrap around, and etc. My campaign focuses on how design moves with us through time, it was with us in the past, influences us in the present and propels us to the future.

I'm very interested in branding so this project has been very enjoyable for me. To create a memorable campaign one needs a strong kit of parts. The elements alone should be visually striking yet flexible enough to work with different components and different forms of media, which was the main objective of the project.

Typographic Campaign Interstitial from Samantha Mak on Vimeo.

Song credit: "Go Do" by Jonsi

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