Find + Share: Welcome Aboard by Francisco Andriani

I'm very interested in the juxtaposition of two dimensional space with real physical space so when I came across these info graphs by Francisco Andriani, they immediately intrigued me. The interaction of photographic space with vectored objects creates an engaging overlap that complements each other. The photographs in the diagram are taken of various parts of an airport and the information being communicated derives from the environment. These diagrams are a great example of how content and form are closely integrated and inform each other. For instance, the appropriation of the U.S. Department of Transportation pictograms and other icons one would encounter at an airport are fitting for representing the information. There is also a nice humor in creating statuses for random individuals that appear in the photograph such as in the diagram of the two men going up and down the escalator. Andriani gives a second level of context in showing where each man is headed and what their present needs and desires are. There are some instances when the graphic elements interact with the photo in such a way that creates an interesting depth. In the third info graph down, the graphic elements follow the form of the piping in a very beautiful way while maintaining the representation of the content.

Source: http://www.behance.net/gallery/WELCOME-ABOARD/500264

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