Pleased to Meet You - Final Artifact


Symbol: Vinyl Record

I chose the vinyl record to symbolize me because I felt that it represented my love of music, discovery and philosophy on life. Vinyl records are an imperfect media, they are vulnerable to scratches and dust particles that are always audible, but regardless they are beautiful in their imperfection. The circular motion of a record represents time and the constant phases one undergoes throughout their life. Sometimes more noise is evident while at other times it's crystal clear, but the overall experience is one that is rich and unique.

Index: Rubber Duckie(s)

In one of my previous typography assignments I created a bitmap typeface using rubber duckies. Because of this assignment, the rubber duckies became associated with me amongst my classmates.

Icon: Paper Sam(s)

I chose to display the more playful side of myself along with the more reserved and thoughtful part. For me it's important to have good humor and keep a positive attitude towards life. I always prefer to be goofy and have a good laugh if the timing is right of course.

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