A Design Strategy

Lately I've been thinking a lot about applying for summer internships so I opened up my resume the other day and was very unsatisfied. It's a bit amazing how much one can learn after a semester of design, because I realized that I need a design strategy!

It all started when I noticed that the name on my resume wasn't aligned with anything and while I was correcting that issue I began thinking about what was being communicated through the formal decisions I've made on my resume. This really opened up a can of worms for me, my mind was suddenly being swarmed with thoughts of typographical hierarchy, multimedia cohesion, and verbal communication. I also began realizing the importance of being an active participant in the world of design outside of the classroom. Being involved does more than just building your resume and portfolio, it shapes you as a designer and allows you to make a difference. In the upcoming days/weeks I plan to clean up my resume and web presence so that they are cohesive and representative of the designer I want to be portrayed as.


  1. let me (or any other faculty) know if you want feedback on your materials. we are happy to help.