VC: Haiku - Taxonomy Book Ideas

Tool > Mark Method

8 in x 5.5 in

Binding - Stab Binding
Paper - Off-white Japanese paper
Cover - Chip board
Color Pallet - Natural colors, browns, blacks, and greens

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  1. Specifically, what are these "mark methods"? Be creative with category choices and naming conventions. E.g. you put thought into decoding the environmental moral of your haiku. This may be an opportunity to convey that point of view (with the book title, labels, and also materials).

    Since "tools" is your main classification, you need to consider HOW you will display these tools. Illustration, photograph, typographically? Show me explorations.

    In selecting materials and binding, remember you will be making 3 duplicates (one for each of you, plus me).

    Please share these comments with your partner.