VC: Paul Rand & Stephan Bucher

Paul Rand 

Paul Rand is a graphic designer who is infamous for his corporate logo designs such as ABC, IBM, UPS, and Enron. In the video Rand discusses the synthesis between content and form, which he believes is successful when form and content are indistinguishable. According to Rand there is no content without form and no form without content yet when form dominates the message is lacking while when content dominates there is no visual interest. In relation to our project, we're trying to find a balance between our symbols and haiku. However for the animation portion of the assignment the manner in which we use our symbol to further illustrate our haiku is critical for communication.

Stephan G. Bucher

Stephan G. Bucher is a writer, graphic designer, and illustrator. He is the the founder of 344 Design and the creator of the popular online series Daily Monster, which is discussed in the video. Bucher begins his drawings with a blots of ink that he lays down spontaneously with a brush or by blowing the ink with a straw. Sometimes he sees his monster immediately while other times he only sees a portion of it at a time. Bucher records his entire progress as an honest, real-time performance, because he feels that most people only see the highly varnished end product and not the process. By showing his process he is allowing the work to have more of a human quality behind it. In context to the current phase of our assignment, some of Bucher's pieces moved and made sounds in the video, which is similar to our process of using our analog marks to create digital animations. His method of looking for objects within an abstract form is also similar to our previous phase of searching for marks that created the symbols we created.

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  1. I just came across this today. Do you think Olimpia is paying homage to Rand with her logo/illustration?