Field Trip to Berlin for Line Studies

I stumbled across some photos by German photographer Matthias Heiderich which are simply beautiful and directly relevant to our line project. Jamie has already mentioned a number of ways we could use our line studies such as in poster designing, type formatting, textile design and etc. It's always nice to see how the work we do in studio is practiced by other professionals, because it really does show us the possibilities of our future and present.

While I was scrolling through Heiderich's work, I noticed how the architecture in Berlin is unique from what I've seen here in the states when this question came to mind. What do the line studies that exist within Berlin say about Berlin and how does it differ or compare to the line studies that we've discovered in Kansas City? I don't plan on going any further with this idea, but it's just some food for thought.
 These images are only a small portion of Heiderich's work so if you're interested in seeing more then click the link at the end of the post.

Images from http://www.matthias-heiderich.de/


  1. I love Berlin! Marty and I were there just last spring speaking at a conference.

  2. These photos are beautiful: the lines, the color.