T1: Directing Ducks

My three objects were rubber ducks, mini clothes pins and buttons. You can probably guess that I chose the ducks from the title of this post and the image above. When I began the assignment I printed out 10x10 grids on illustrator and sketched my designs by hand. I've realized that working by hand is so much more efficient because it allows me to test out different possibilities quicker than designing directly in the computer. After I sketched my ideas I eventually redid them in Illustrator to have a cleaner copy.

I've finished designing and photographing one of my typefaces and I kind of regret using the ducks because they were a lot more difficult to work with. The ducks aren't completely identical either so I had a lot of issues with alignment. I laid down some white paper, placed tape down so I could line up the edged of my camera to them, then I used an extending tripod in the photoroom to shoot them.

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  1. Sam -

    If you regret choosing the ducks, now is the time to change objects. You still have time before Friday.

    Up to you,