CFP: Hot Wheels Color Story

My parents were kind of confused and angry when I told them I was spending my money to buy hot wheels, but they'll get over it. I get to relive my childhood with this assignment so I'm having a lot of fun. When I started the assignment I was trying to decide whether to shoot in studio or out in the world so I tested both out. When I was working on the images below in the studio I literally got bored and started getting sleepy. If I get bored making the images, I can't image how the viewer will feel looking at the images. I can't deny that they don't look good in the studio, there's just not extra flavor. Also, as a side note, the images below desaturated when I uploaded them.

My next step was to take the images into the field. I really respect photographers, because they have to exhibit a bit of boldness and not care what people think. This is also why I believe I would be a wimpy photographer, because I'm not very bold. While I was shooting these images, there were a whole lot of cars driving by and people walking around, it was hard for me to tune them out. It took awhile, but I eventually loosened up and got some nice shots. For example, the orange and blue complementary shot below is probably the best shot I got that day. I saw the red car coming from the right and I intentionally waited for the car to pass to get it in the frame. The shoot outside put me in an uncomfortable position, but it was kind of a thrill. I love rust and graffiti and I'm really glad I found a way to incorporate all of it.

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  1. These are great! This also reminds me of cars against graffiti. I wonder how that would look :D