T1: Completed Label Drawings

I don't have much to add about these two drawings from my previous mid-process post other than my thoughts after completing the drawings before critique and after critique. I had hand cramps after cutting out all the letters, but it was definitely worth it cause now I have all of these extra letters to play with....

Univers "h":
For this drawing I wanted to create something that appeared futuristic. Although now as someone had mentioned in the critique, I should have used Futura rather than Univers because of it's geometric form. When I started adding the labels to the drawing, the black "h's" I painted seemed bland against the brown paper so I decided to add the white outline to make it pop. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, because yesterday I thought it worked and today I'm not feeling it. Also, the turquoise letters against brown is a bit difficult to read so maybe the brown paper is the real problem.

Clarendon "h":
I'm really pleased with the Clarendon "h", but the pink makes it kind of girly. I created the labels to mimic the area that it's representing. However, one of the issues that was brought up during the critique was the label for "counter,"because it doesn't follow the shape of the actual counter and it's kind of removed from the overall composition. I agree with both remarks and I'm trying to redo the project in illustrator to see how I can possibly change this.

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