SX: Project 3 - 5/3 Final

In honor of its history of ups and downs, we have chosen the West Bottoms as a location for a monument to never giving in.

Right next to the train tracks and the bridge, a 15.5 feet tall metallic Underdog stands on a cement slab. In front of him, the story is told on an angled concrete block faced in both wood and copper. This story is flanked by a heart-shaped pawprint with a sensor in it.

When a visitor places a hand on the sensor, their own heartbeat reverberates from the dog, demonstrating how every person is, at some point in their lives, the underdog. The heartbeats mingle with the trains, layering the intimate and personal with the environmental and historic.
Kansas City could rally around the Underdog, adopting him as a kind of local mascot, standing for a hardworking city that never gives up, in a stubborn and hopeful area.

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