DP: Week 11

Here are some quick summarizes of my process and videos so far...

Promo 1 is a dialogue with the past. There's some odd audio static happening in the background of my voiceover that I want to fix, but it's near the bottom half of my priority list right now. I also originally animated too quickly so some parts have been time stretched within final cut pro and may seem a bit laggy. I'm working out this issue presently.

Promo 2 focuses on the present. Petree creates a space that inspires the curiosity of a child and provides a space for them to fulfill their interests.

Promo 3 focuses on the future. I had my father read the original voiceover for this clip, but it didn't have the right tone so I'm working on a plan B. I'm imagining 2-3 people reading different sections of an overall paragraph to give the effect that they're finishing each others sentences. This clip will highlight the "explore" section, searching capabilities, and adding content.

New Script:

[1] Dear Kids,
[2] Dear Kids,
[3] Dear Kids,

[1] Growing up in a large family is…
[2] …an interesting experience.

[3] You have to learn how to choose your battles
[2] You have to learn how to negotiate
[2] When to give and take
[3] and to be a little patient

[3] but at the end of the day…
[2] you'll always have a cheer section
[1] people to push and encourage you
[3] or at the very least…
[3] someone to catch you when you fall
[3] or at the very least…
[2] if you ever choose to run for president
[1] you can always count on 10 votes

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