DP: Week 8

My focus these past weeks has been on producing the promotion piece for the timeline scenario. I think doing so will help me gauge realistically how long it will take me and adjust from there.

Video 1 Script:

Dear Grandpa,

I wish we could have met. Mom doesn't remember what you look like. Did you know she crossed the border into Thailand with phu and ming (cambodian for aunt & uncle)? She made it to America alright. She told me once that you were kind. I bet you were as funny as she is. I bet you were loving as she is. If you're anything like her, then I know for sure that I'd like you to.

Motion Progression:

This past week I've been focusing on exploring motion and building out the timeline video. Below is one example of how I'm imagining the organisms to move.

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  1. we may have discussed this, but does the way the organisms move, gather, disperse have a connection to meaning or is it more arbitrary?