SX: Project One Process - 02

Majority of the traffic flow to our school for first time visitors comes from Main Street. For our scenario we've chosen to focus on a visitor who is traveling from Main Street, to 43rd, to Warwick and decides to street park their vehicle along the east side of campus on 44th Street.

Our system focuses on the idea of layers. As a institution in one regard, we're layered in the sense that we're comprised of students, departments, and different schools to make up the Kansas City Art Institute. However, its also about the layering of thoughts and ideas, of people and collaboration that truly embodies the essence of the artist and what our school is about.

In our proposal, the bright colors represents the spirit and energy of the school. These colors are juxtaposed against a dark brushed metal to not only allow them to stand out within the surrounding environment, but to also make them the focal point of the system. Additionally, because it's common for art students to work late into the night. We want the layers of the signs to light up and become a visualization of the creative spirit at play.

Exterior Program

Interior Program
This interior map only points out the specific elements we're planning to design.

System Elements

Directional / Accessible Entrance / Site Identifier (front & back)
Light Poles / Street Sign / Traffic Directional / Banners
Over-street directional/site identifier/ traffic
Building Signs & Bathroom Sign

Other Process
Wayfinding can be dangerous for silhouette folk

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