DP: Week 5

I think I'm going to extend my wireframing period a bit longer. I need more time to explore the structure of this system and to make sure it's solid.

Site Map
This site map has really helped me organize my ideas and the experience I want someone to have, but I'm stalled. I just want everything to make sense conceptually and logically. After talking to Marty, I should keep it simple as it should be then use the wireframes to accompany the explanation of the features.


These are still very rough. I've been going back and forth between working out my site map and exploring how to visualize this system. They look a bit worm-ish right now, but that will most likely change.

Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:

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  1. good. next class, let's take a look at your wires and address the step by step interaction that you are beginning to envision.