DS: Phase I Presentation

Back in the day soda fountains were THE social hot spot! People of all ages would gather around this bubbly beverage for a taste of community and joy. Soda itself was considered an art form. Different fountains had signature drinks and often attempted to outdo each other with new and unique flavors. 

The art of soda, unfortunately, has fallen off the map for some time. Yet today, there are a handful of people bringing back this nostalgic practice. The landscape of this resurgence, however, lacks a medium for social interaction, focus on a diverse audience, and a well-designed experience.

My plan is to develop a brand and experience that embodies the qualities of soda: Energetic, Sophisticated, Creative, and Fun. By embodying these attributes I hope to attract a younger more diverse audience and create a medium that will foster community, creativity, and joy. 

Soda has a long history and flavors that are timeless yet it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it’s soda!

[sam] phase 1

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