VA: More Thoughts on Rosedale

Here are the problems:

1. Not enough produce selling grocery stores only apple market & sunfresh & price chopper, wally world, physical distance also plays a role.

Reason: Zoning laws

2. Cultural norms that do not incorporate healthy foods typically grown in kansas.

Reason: Lifestyle due to lack of access

3. Shortage of perceived or actual time that encourages the consumption of unhealthy food. (eg fast food

Reason: Lack of knowledge of healthy meal preparation and dangerously appealing fast food advertising.

We think that there is a general lack of access to good foods, which leads to lack of nutrition literacy*.
This is an issue for college students as well. We feel the need to grab fast food because it's easy and tastes good. If we had been taught early on how to make good tasting food with healthier ingredients, we would have healthier lifestyles in college.

*Nutritional Literacy: being able to identify healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits and how to prepare them tastefully.

One possible solution that Rosedale was looking into is offering cooking/home ec classes in schools as well as community kitchens. With community kitchens or soup kitchens, we thought it'd be beneficial if members of the community could learn how to cook healthy meals at these facilities that also provide them with practice and knowledge of food prep. The food also feeds the people of the community, thus creating a positive cycle.

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