MX: Community Psychology

There are four elements of inhibiting a "Sense of Community according to the theory of McMillan & Chavis: Membership, Influence, Integration & Fulfillment of Needs, and Shared Emotional Connection.  However, I believe the the last element to be most important.

As of now, the community I feel the strongest belonging to and shared emotional connection with the GD students at KCAI. Back in high school I didn't really fit anywhere. I had heard on multiple occasions that when you go to college you'll find like-minded people, but I didn't find them in Dallas, so I left. However, being a transfer was also challenging in the beginning because I didn't go through foundations I didn't really know anyone on campus. Luckily, design was a whole different beast for majority of us and it gave us something in common.

Although I believe now these elements have evolved from my Sophomore year, it's quite simple. We are students who happen to attend the same college for the purpose of doing what we're passionate about and earning our BFA in Graphic Design along the way (Shared Emotional Connection). Our studio, where we work, play, explore, sleep and sometimes cry is where we spend majority of our time together (Contact). We're a group of people with constant interaction. Inside and outside of the classroom we rely on each other for feedback and support (High Quality Interaction).

We are a community.

Article Referenced:
"COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY: Psychological Sense of Community: Theory of McMillan & Chavis (1986)"

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