UX Reflection: Miyagi-ed Yet Again?

In the past I've always enjoyed the projects that have required a deeper level of research: April Greiman, Maori Warriors, Gertrude Stein, Union Station, and even he who shall not be named aka Koenig.

This class has felt like an extension of what we've already been doing. We've been put on this path of design research from the get-go without even knowing it! (You've just been Miyagi-ed)

Anyways, one of the most important things I've learn from this class is that people are more receptive to design that speaks to them. Design that notices them, takes the time to genuinely understand their uniqueness, and even possibly make an information graphic about it. What I'm trying to get at is that it's easy for designers to forget that they're designing for people and end up designing for designers. 

When we as designers begin designing for people, by this I mean specific people, we can stop generalizing what people need and ask more direct and unique questions. With direct and unique questions come unique and functional solutions.

I feel like my role as a designer has changed for the better.

Lastly, roller derby girls are awesome! Let the funk be with you!

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