P3 Intranet Update

This past week I was given the task of redesigning P3's intranet page which as you can see below isn't very pretty. For the first phase of this project I had to go around the office and interview different people such as developers, producers, and creatives to get a sense of everyones wants and needs. This was a great opportunity to talk to people I usually don't get to interact with and learn about what they do. The second phase involved sketching wireframes and the third, which I'm on now is essentially building high content wireframes. Inputting actual content quickly is essential in defining the visual direction. It allows you to see the relationship between different elements and informs therefore informs the form. So far it's been pretty neat to be able to see the parallels between school and work and utilize the skills we're learning. Both design research and information architecture were at play this week.


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