Online News: Wireframe Concepts

This step of the project focuses on developing different concepts for our online news site. We initially began the project by essentially analyzing the pros and cons of the print and the web components of a newspaper. Now we're taking what we've learned from our analysis to find creative solutions to the problems and speculate new ideas to enhance the experience of reading online news.

Most web pages lack a sense of direction or start to finish type of experience, which can sometimes be overwhelming by it's infiniteness. For this direction I wanted to focus on creating a clear navigation system that would allow the user to know exactly where he or she is in this digital world.

Direction 01

While credibility is an important factor, it seems as if we are more interested in what the majority are interested in seeing. When we see that this article is the most viewed than we expect for it to be an interesting piece. It is also important that we are able to quickly see the content that we are interested in. So, for this direction I wanted to focus on being able to toggle between a community view and an individual view. Articles are hierarchically arranged based on popularity and are organized by categories or tags rather than pages.

Direction 02

My last concept focuses on allowing the user to select the content he or she is interested in immediately. When the user drags in a category, it immediately includes all sub categories for, but the user is prompted to remove the sub categories he or she wants. The boxes form hierarchically to which ever category the user is most interested in.

Direction 03

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