Online News: High Content Wireframes

The image below is the default homepage that show cases all of the categories. The categories listed in the top half of the page are the most popular categories.

After clicking on one of the categories the homepage shifts over to reveal the article space, which is also organized by the most relevant news. You are also able to filter out content you aren't interested in seeing by unchecking the categories.

Once you select an article the instructions, and ingredients for the recipe is listed below. Users can watch the corresponding video for a more detailed experience.

In the community space users can comment, share their revisions on the recipe or view someone else's revisions.

Lastly, users can save the article to their archives if they would like to read it later or keep for future reference.

The last scenario is customizing your own personal space. Users can toggle views to see the community or customizable view where they are presented with a blank space. Users add categories by dragging and dropping them into the space. The category will automatically add all sub categories, but users are immediately prompted to select and deselect the desired sub categories. The category with the most interest will be hierarchically larger in the space below.

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