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During the research phase of my project I focused on Polynesia on both a macro and micro scale using the brain storming icon topics as a starting point. The process of drawing correlations between data was one of the most difficult moments for me. I found that asking questions aloud and writing them down are quite beneficial. For instance, I would ask myself questions like how do my icons relate to the research? Or how does the information relate to each other? In the visualization process I continued asking questions as I began exploring the different data-types. One of the most important concepts I've learned throughout this process is the importance of divergent thinking. From the early stages of the project it became apparent that a variety of solid content is vital for a successful info graph yet gathering that information can be a challenging process. Sometimes the data seems to be ambiguous or unrelated, but really it's a matter of moving away from a linear process of thinking and finding new means of approaching information. For this purpose I focused on allowing the information to take lead and inform my form first, then cultural influences to create an overall rhythmic feel. I revisited my source book and images I gathered during that stage to help inspire my decisions.
In my final info graphs, I made use of a variety of means of representation and combined different data-types. For instance, in my meeting house diagram, I found a way to describe quantitative information using repetition from the written descriptions I could find of the utility of the info graphics rather than numerical data. I was also able to include spatial representation as a secondary read. Speaking of multiple levels of read, I tried to utilize a quick read and a more detailed read for each of my diagrams, which I learned during the typographic campaign process. In this way I could have more extreme levels of large and small because I focused on grasping my audience's attention through the quick read first then if I capture their attention they will take the effort to read further. For my icon use I utilized them in both a representative manner and also as an information graphic itself.

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