Mock-Up Self Critique

For this project I wanted to teach the viewer something new about Polynesia so I have embedded the triangle shape, which creates the Polynesian triangle, in all of the spreads as a conceptual and visual element. After creating and reviewing the mock up, I noticed various weak design moments in my compositions. Firstly, choosing background imagery that conceptually supports the artifact and visually suits the shape that the image sits in. Although I've placed images within the triangles that relate to the artifact, some of my images are cropped in strange ways that makes it difficult to see. Secondly, the cover isn't clearly communicating who the triangle people are and where they're from. I think it might be best to rework a cover that focuses on the map of the area so it is more apparent. Thirdly, some objects sit in the seam of the page awkwardly and creates a moment of disconnect between the spread. All this really requires in reposition so more or less of the object sits in the seam. In my previous layout my spreads didn't have labels to help identify the objects so I've included them in the new spreads below. I used a piece of bark from a tree to act as the plate for the type. Tree bark in Polynesia is used in the manufacturing of clothes and other goods, so that is why I felt that it was a suitable tool.

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