VC: Haiku - Finding the Perfect Sound

I went through so many iterations to find the perfect song and the ones I've listed below are only a select few. Jamie suggested that I look for an electronic song that had some type of chirping noise that would allude to the insect. However, it was extremely difficult to find an electronic song with a chirping noise that wasn't either too happy or too heavy. Sometimes I would find a beat that would fit my description, but it would have vocals [sigh]. Another issue I ran into was finding a song with variation, because some electronic music tends to have a repetitive beat and melody, which I felt made the overall animation less engaging. I've uploaded all my swf files in my wordpress site so below are the links to them. As a side note, most of the animations aren't finished because I was just testing the music.

Song: Shiller by RATATAT

Song: Gibraltar by Radio Dept.

Song: Caught in a Wave by Junior Boys

Song: Behind the Bushes by The Knife

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