T1: Webpage Layouts - Round II

For this round of the project we needed to pick one layout out of the five to refine. I had a couple of possibilities after critiquing with Marty so I thought I should refine all of them and figure out which is the strongest. In the image below I had my title right aligned, which really conflicted with the rag of the body type. So, I left aligned the title and lowered the font size so it's width would be even with the body. This composition is a bit more successful than some of the others.

I originally had the text of this image cut off so it wasn't legible, and it's important part of my image so I moved it over. The space was tight so I elongated the page to make room for my properties.

This may be the first time I've made my image smaller than my monogram, and I think it's maybe more successful than some of the other refinements. My monogram was cut off from the previous round so I moved it over. I also added a properties sub-head to make the column it's own because it was nearly aligned with the second paragraph of the body text.

I tried aligning my monogram is different positions and the image below was probably the best out of the other positions, yet overall I don't think this layout is very successful. It was worth a try.

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