T1: Final Bitmap Artifact

 During the previous critique, there were a couple of changes that I needed to address. The most apparent issue was the scale of my lower case "e", which sat one grid level above the rest of the lowercase letters. Because the "e" was taller, it cause all the other letters to look awkward so I raised all the letters one grid point. I was afraid that adding another grid level to my typeface would take away from the quirky personality, but in the end it didn't change too much. Another issue that came up during critique was my kerning. The kerning was too close so in my second attempt, I spaced them out a bit more. Below are images from my final Bitmap Project and overall I would say that I'm pleased with the outcome.

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  1. Do you want your photographs to be corrected so they do not look bowed? Stand further away from the subject which you are photographing and zoom in and this will not happen. Apposed to focusing the camera on a subject which is too close and getting a curved look to them.