The word I drew from the bag words was "push." When I started sketching my thumbnails I tried to think about different forms of pushing such as letters pushing other letters out of the frame or one larger letter pushing the others against the frame. The typeface I had in mind was Univers because of it's extensive range of weights and condensed fonts.

After working on our thumbnails for awhile Marty pulled us in small groups for critique. In the past I've only had class critiques or one on one critiques with a professor. These variations in the design department are a new experience for me. I'm making it a conscious effort to give more feedback to my fellow classmate, but I'm having a difficult time communicating my thoughts so hopefully with practice it will get easier. Anyways, after the group critique I decided to test out all the possible compositions so I could have a better visual representation of my sketches. Although physically working with the letters was really helpful, I feel like I should plant a tree because I used a lot of paper in this experimenting stage. I decided to use the composition with the dominant "P" pushing the other letters into a corner because the triangular shape the letters formed created more visually appealing composition then the others. I used condensed letters for the "USH" to create a feel of being pushed or squeezed by the bold "P" and I placed the "S" a little below as if the pressure from the "P" is causing it to pop out. The space below the composition is important in bringing the viewer's eyes back around to the area above the letter and in balancing the positive and negative space.

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