T1: Bodoni

Lowercase "h" Bodoni was the last drawing of the three that I worked on. After finishing the drawing this morning I noticed this elegance in the letter which made me decide to write about it for my assignment.

Bodoni is a modern typeface that is characterized by it's extreme contrast of thick and thin strokes. In the image below, you'll see that the serifs and the part of the shoulder that touches the stem are much thinner than the stem and the lower part of the shoulder. In addition, because of the particular location of the thin strokes we can determine that the stress of the character is vertical. In 1798, the year Bodoni was created, new technologies were being developed that influenced the visual aesthetics of type. As a result, Bodoni appears more geometric and mechanical than it does calligraphic. This influence can be seen in Bodoni's unbracketed serif. Another characteristic of Bodoni is it's spurs that appear on some of the ascenders of lowercase and uppercase letters.

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  1. Hey, Sam!

    I love the dichotomy of the elegance in Bodoni's type to your interpretation. The image you have created seems to grant homage Bodoni's h, while giving it the grunge flare (...is flare even an appropriate term to attach to grunge?) that is quite prevalent in today's design.

    Basically you took the Modern style and fashioned it to our version of modern. Haaah, I approve.