Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

Trying to communicate the word and keep an engaging composition was the most difficult part of this assignment. When I started the assignment I wasted a lot of time staring blankly at the words. I really didn't want to waste time so I ended up timing myself like Jamie did on the first day of class. I spent 7 minutes of each word and believe it or not it did make me work more efficiently. I looked up the definition of each word to see if I could take any of the words in a different direction. However, looking up the words also helped in really focusing on the more common definition of each. I would say escape and cooperation were my most successful pieces because of the composition. I didn't think about how the layering of paper on pressure would effect the feel. I laid it under because I wanted it to look like it was being squished, but because of the layer it didn't even appear on the same plane.


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  1. Great! Break larger projects down into smaller tasks. Research. Ideation. Iteration. And keep timing yourself! You can actually get a lot done within a limited time.

    But also be willing to take the extra time needed to work on the details and craft. Refinement.