Brought to you by the letter "a"

Writing the first post of a blog has the same feel of starting a new sketchbook and it's actually kind of daunting for me. I apologize for the very cheesy and cliche title; it's the first thing that came to mind. My first week at KCAI is nearly through, but since the graphic design program is so rigorous I would be lying to myself if I said things will get easier.

This past Monday in Typography we analyzed five different styles of the lowercase "a". I must say that I've never stared at one letter for so long. This is my first typography class and I wasn't exactly sure how to approach the assignment. However, if you observe anything for a period of time you begin to see the subtleties of whatever it is you're observing. When we gathered together as a class to see how everyone approached the assignment it was interesting to see the different strategies. As for my approach, I tried to slowly draw, erase and re-draw the different styles until I began to see the differences in each.

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